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zero gravity

Ever wondered how it feels to experience complete relaxation while defying gravity? DISCOVER COMFORT AND RELAXATION WITH our Zero Gravity Massage Chairs. These state-of-the-art chairs elevate your full body massage experience, aligning your body in a position that minimizes strain and maximizes comfort.

what is a zero gravity massage?

Our Zero Gravity Massage provides a special experience where the chair evenly distributes your body weight, simulating a sensation of weightlessness similar to what astronauts feel in space. This unique position significantly reduces stress on your body, particularly on the spine and back muscles, allowing for a deeper relaxation and comfort during the massage. In this state, our massage chair can more effectively alleviate muscle tension, improve circulation, and enhance your overall well-being. To elevate this relaxing journey, consider adding on one of our BrainTap sessions, which complements the massage to deepen your relaxation and mental clarity.

benefits of a zero gravity massage

Experiencing a zero gravity massage provides a many benefits that enhance well-being and promote health, including:

Reduced Pressure on Spine

It effortlessly aligns the spine, reducing tension and providing significant relief to the back.

enhanced Relaxation

By assuming a weightless position, users can achieve deeper states of relaxation and substantial stress relief.

Improved Circulation

Elevating the legs above the heart level promotes optimal blood flow, benefiting cardiovascular health and overall bodily functions.


The reclined position enables more intense and focused massage techniques, providing thorough muscle relief.


The zero gravity massage works meticulously to target and soothe stiff muscles, subsequently improving mobility and flexibility.

recharge. relax. renew. revive!

Find relaxation and improve your overall well-being with our Full Body Zero Gravity Massages at Revive Biohacking. Our chairs are designed to align your body and mind, relieve pressure on your spine, improve circulation, and ease stiff muscles. Whether you're looking for a break from daily stress or focused on improving your overall health, our zero gravity chairs offer a comfortable and rejuvenating experience.


experience our

zero gravity massage chairs

Sink into comfort. Experience the revitalizing comfort of our Zero Gravity Massage Chairs today.

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