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Cold Plunge Room in The Woodlands, and Montgomery, TX


Dive into rejuvenation and submerge your body into our Cold Plunge Pool for ice therapy! Alleviate muscle soreness, stimulate your immune system, enhance blood circulation, and invigorate your mental acuity.

About our contrast therapy experience

about our cold plunge pools

Experience the transformative effects of cold immersion therapy at our Cold Plunge Spa. Harness the revitalizing energy of cold water, crafted through a synergy of ancient techniques and the latest science. Our specially designed cold plunge pool promises not just a refreshing dip but a journey towards better circulation, skin detoxification, and a renewed spirit. Book your session now and uncover the health advantages of holistic cold water therapy.

benefits of cold plunging

At Revive Biohacking, our Cold Plunge immersion elevates your wellness journey, offering not just a revitalizing chill, but also an array of health benefits that address your holistic well-being such as:


Cold therapy is a tried-and-tested method to speed up muscle recovery after workouts, minimizing inflammation and soreness.

immunity boost

Regular cold exposure can enhance your immune response, improving overall health.

mental clarity

Our cold immersion experience can also boost your mood, increase alertness, and provide mental clarity.

improved circulation

Cold plunges stimulate blood flow, aiding in detoxification and promoting healthier skin and tissues.

contrast therapy

Each of our cold plunge rooms are full equipped to offer a unique and revitalizing contrast therapy experience as part of our suite of wellness services. Contrast Therapy enhances physical recovery, boosts circulation, strengthens the immune system, and offers a mental challenge that improves resilience and mental well-being. Our facility caters to both solo and partnered sessions, perfect for a shared bonding experience. We have created an optimized protocol influenced by scientific research, which involves alternating between our IR Sauna and Cold Plunge over a period of 45 minutes. Here is what you can expect with our contrast therapy experience:



IR Sauna
(10-11 min)

Cold Plunge
(1-3 min)

Start in our IR Sauna to warm your body, boost circulation, and promote sweating. Adjust time as needed for comfort.

Immediately follow with a 1-3 minute Cold Plunge, enhancing natural recovery and invigorating your system.


(steps 1-2)

Do two more cycles of the sauna followed by the cold plunge, maintaining the same time durations.


final plunge
(1-3 min)

Finish with a last Cold Plunge to firm tissues and further boost circulation and recovery.

recharge. refresh. recover. revive!

At Revive Biohacking, we combine the power of nature with advancements in science and technology to help you optimize your health. Experience the invigorating effects of Cold Plunge Ice Therapy at our wellness center in Montgomery, TX.

Cold Ice Therapy in The Woodlands, alternating hot and cold room.

experience our

cold plunge tubs

Embrace the cold and Experience the rejuvenating wellness power of Cold Plunge Ice Therapy today. book an appointment online or contact us for more information.

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