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Why should you pay attention to your physical health while working through mental health counseling?

Our friends and partners in health at Natural Balance Counseling have some great tips for everyone.


Understanding the vital connection between mental and physical health is essential for cultivating a balanced and fulfilling life. We’ve all experienced this when sick and how much we can struggle with being in a positive mental headspace.


At Natural Balance Counseling, we take our clients' physical health into account from the very first session as we develop and strategize personalized interventions that work for them. Many of our clients are interested in how their physical health impacts their mental well-being, and we love providing them with resources to support that journey!


Some of those resources involve collaborating with other local businesses to capitalize on the synergy between businesses of similar minds. Revive Biohacking is one of our local partners who aligns with our vision of providing actionable tools for all individuals dedicated to achieving the highest quality of life they can, no matter the obstacles in their way.


Why should you pay attention to your physical health while working through mental health counseling? Here are our top three reasons:


Many times, people will come in and do really solid work in their counseling session, only to come back a week later and have very little recollection of what was discussed and they did not apply the tools given in between sessions. Incorporating physical and mental care throughout the week brings the intentionality of self-care to the forefront of your mind, enforcing the tools provided by your therapist during a counseling session.


  1. Controlling The Controllables

One of the reasons we look into physical health, is that we understand how difficult it can be to show up mentally when you’re not feeling good physically. Drinking water, making sure you are fed, and moving your body are all simple strategies to “control the controllables” in any situation. Once these are managed, we can see what symptoms still remain, allowing us to really focus on the core of the issues, instead of surface level symptoms. Keep this in mind when you are looking at your expectations for therapy and knowing what to anticipate.


Mindfulness is a commonly used word now, but what is it? It is not an extra action that takes more time but an action you overlay on top of something you are already doing. Practices like contrast therapy, salt therapy, and guided meditations can be some of those things! Mindfulness is the act of bringing awareness and attention to how your body and mind are responding to any given situation.


Even the owner of Natural Balance Counseling, Alyssa, likes to go with her husband to do contrast therapy, as Revive’s rooms are designed with couples in mind! They make for great date experiences to connect over new and novel things! During these new experiences, the brain increases new and positive neural connections, strengthening your bond with your partner.


If you are ready to take the next step in your physical and mental health journey, reach out to us today for a free consultation to get matched with one of our trained and licensed clinicians!


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