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Where did the idea for Revive Biohacking originate?

Early in the spring of 2022, Rick Ornelas was listening to a podcast on the benefits of biohacking in health and found it intriguing. He heard the host and guest go back and forth on ways to improve one's health and maintain youthfulness. Seeing as he had just turned 50 and felt the effects of wear and tear on his body, he was looking for new ways to beat Father Time.

Rick decided to check out a book they mentioned on the podcast, Lifespan by Dr. David Sinclair, one of the foremost experts in the space. Within a couple days of reading, he was hooked. He dove down the rabbit hole and began absorbing as much as possible on the topic by reading podcasts, YouTube videos, and the like for months.

His newfound knowledge opened up a new world of exciting things to research, experiment with, and learn more about. Having been a successful business coach for seven years and having grown multiple businesses with others, he had an idea for a new business endeavor for himself. At this point, it was not known as Revive Biohacking, but Rick knew the idea had merit. He shared the vision with his good friend and future business partner, Alvin McCrorey, who was instantly interested. Alvin immersed himself in learning as much as possible on the topic, just as Rick had. The more the two of them studied, the more they understood the incredible business potential.

Rick and Alvin brought the idea to their partners and future co-owners, Tonya Ornelas and Lacee Curlee, who also saw the similar potential and jumped on board. The four of them had already formed an LLC, ALTR Investments, in 2021 with the hope of purchasing vacation properties together one day, so it was an easy transition to the new business.

Now coming up with a name took a bit of time as four brains all have different ideas, and setting on one took time. Many ideas were proposed to the group, and many were discarded.

All along the way, Rick would not budge from Biohacking being a part of the name as this was both the original impetus for the business and its bright future. In the end, Revive Biohacking was chosen as it signifies everything that the company is about and our desire to serve others by optimizing health naturally through science and technology.

The journey from idea conception to reality is not easy, but definitely worth it. We know you will love your experience at Revive Biohacking, and we hope to see you soon.


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